‘End of KathNiel era’ Kathryn Bernardo Kinumpirma Ang Hiwalayan Nila Ni Daniel Padilla Sa Instagram

Huwebes, Nobyembre 30, 2023

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 Sa wakas ay si Kathryn Bernardo na mismo ang gumalaw sa baso hinggil sa napapabalitang hiwalayan nila ng kanyang longtime celebrity boyfriend na si Daniel Padilla.

Matapos ang ilang linggong puro speculations at haka-haka sa wakas ay kinumpirma na mismo ni Kathryn Bernardo ang mga tsismis na bumabalot sa kanila ni Daniel Padilla.

Sa kamakailang Instagram post ng aktres, tuluyan na niyang inamin na natapos na ang relasyon nila ni Daniel Padilla matapos ang 11 years.

Ibinahagi ni Kathryn Bernardo ng isang open letter para makipag-usap sa kanyang mga tagahanga at ikinuwento kung paano siya kusang-loob na naging ka-love team at, nang maglaon, naging kapareha ni Daniel.

“Chapter closed. I hope this finally helps all of us to move forward. I won’t be entertaining questions regarding this anymore. Thank you for understanding,” caption ni Kathryn sa kanyang Instagram post kalakip ang larawan nila ni Daniel at ang kanyang open letter para sa lahat.

"I've been in showbiz for almost 21 years now, 12 years as the one-half of Kathniel, and 11 years as someone who loved Deej even behind the camera.

"I didn't grow up in this industry constantly being controlled and dictated on. I was lucky to have had the best guidance and support system when I started my career and I've continously worked hard to earn people's trust.

"But since I became an adult, I took it upon myself to take charge of my own life- the projects I work on, the way I dressm the people I surround myself with.

"I've always tried to be my own person. I was encouraged to think for myself and decide for myself. Even when it comes to love. Especially when it comes to love.

"I promised to never lose myself in this industry, so I've always been as authentic to you as I can be. I know what many of you are thinking right now. 

"I'm well aware of the rumors and speculations going around, and as hard as it is to put everything into words, I want you to hear it straight from me: It’s true that Deej and I have decided to part ways."

Ipinahayag naman ni Kathryn na lahat ng mga nangyari sa kanila ni Daniel Padilla ay totoo. Totoo rin ang kanilang pagmamahalan nilang dalawa. Ipinahayag din ni Kathryn na ilang beses din niyang sinubukang ipaglaban ang kanilang pagmamahalan subalit na-realize niyang tapos na ang lahat sa kanila ni Daniel Padilla.

"What Deej and I had was real. It was never for show. We were together not because of the cameras, not because of the fans, not because of the many that comes with a successful love team.

"We were genuinely in love. We grew up together, dreamed together, and saw many of those dreams become a reality- still together. That's almost half of my life I would never regret and would never trade for anything in the world.

"These 11 years that brought me joy, adventure, and the feeling of being home. Years that taught me the real meaning of unconditional love and friendship. He knew me more than anyone else. He was my first boyfriend. He was my comfort zone. He was my person. I will always have love for him.

“Like any other relationships, we tried our best to make it work. We’ve been drifting apart for a while now, and ultimately had to accept that we can’t go back where we used to be. It just won’t be fair to pretend that everything is still the same.

“These past few months have been tough, but thank you for giving us the time we need to process the pain and finally face the elephant in the room. Our love story began with respect and ended with respect.”

Nagbigay naman ng mensahe si Kathryn sa lahat ng mga KathNiel fans na alam niyang nasasaktan rin sa kanilang hiwalayan ngayon.

"KathNiels, we know you are hurting, and trust me, this also hurts us both more than you can imagine. The last thing we want is for this family to break apart with taking sides-please don't.

"Deej and I will continue to support each other as we try to heal and move forward from this. We will continue to love you and make you proud, but we hope you understand that this is something we really need.

"We hope you can join us in this healing process and not let those precious memories go to waste. Kaya natin to.

Sa huli, nagpasalamat si Kathryn kay Daniel Padilla sa masasayang alaala na ibigay nito sa kanya sa loob ng 11 years nilang pagiging magkasintahan.

"Deej, you gave me 11 beautiful years and the kind of love that I will forever cherish. I will always be grateful for you."

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