Zack Tabudlo Nilinaw Na Ang Relasyon Nila Ni Moira Dela Torre

Huwebes, Hunyo 1, 2023

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 Nagbigay na ng official statement si Zack Tabudo na siyang itinuturong third party o lalaking nais ipalit ni Moira Dela Torre sa kanyang mister na si Jason Hernandez.

“I have been quiet for a year, and never said a thing about anyone nor said a word about all of whats going on around the internet around my friends and about me. but its time for me to tell my side of the story," saad ni Zack.

Pinabulaanan ni Zack Tabudlo ang isyu nila ni Moira Dela Torre. Isiniwalat pa niyang isa ang isyung ito sa mga dahilan kung bakit sinubukan niyang kitilin ang sariling buhay.

"we did guestings and promos on social media, which are posts of lyrics from our song. we also took photos together, and basically letting everyone know we had a song together. during this time as well we had a guesting on a mobile radio bus, and at this time i had already created a friendship with her, her friends, and team."

"at this time as well, her team and group of friends would sleep over and make music together in their house, which i later then became a part of. we all made music together, spent a lot of amazing time, and most importantly built such an amazing relationship with the circle."

"moira and her group of friends made me believe that i am loved, and i am someone who was worthy of having real people beside me. that circle and especially moira, became my family. i would breakdown to them almost everynight during those times because i found that safety and that protection from them."

Sa kabutihang palad, agad siyang naisugod sa hospital at na revive. Matapos nito, napagdesisyonan nila ng mga kaibigan, kabilang na si Moira na magkaroon ng parehong tattoo sa braso.

“i kept quiet but it all became too heavy for me. the pressure, the accusations, the music, my mental state, and everything just crumbled down for me. and i gave up. i couldn’t take it and i committed suicide."

"but thank God he gave me another chance. i was in the hospital in a comma unresponsive, and everyone thought i didn’t make it. after hours of them waiting, i woke up in the ER and i was in therapy in the ward for a good amount of time.

"when i got out i was greeted by our circle and my family. my family and friends went straight to a tattoo shop, got semi colon tattoos with me including moi, and she told us to get bird tattoos as well for me to fly high and never look down forever."

Ipinahayag din niya ang totoong damdamin para kay Moira Dela Torre.

“with moira, she has been the strongest mf i have met my whole life. and i look up to her so much. she’s selfless, strong, caring, and so loving to the people around her."

"and i adore her with all my heart. she was one of the people who were there for me during my healing stages in the ward and i will never ever forget how much she’s helped me grow and move pass this phase of mine despite of all the things she went through."

Samantala, narito ang ilang komento ng mga netizens.

"Zack umiwas kapag may asawa or jowa ang chick...yan ang best na gawin lalo't mga public figures kayo kahit feeling close or gusto mo damayan. Hindi tama na confidant ka bilang lalaki at sya babae na may asawa lalot they are having some trouble in the marriage.

"Paguusapan talaga kayo e konti galaw, pagkikita, patattoo etc...for your sake and hers. Be well always and more power with your music. I believe you have the best intention in mind and heart and I know you are a great artist. Let this be a lesson for you to be stronger and always look out for yourself, protect your mental health. God bless"

"Zack na naman..pina iyak mo ko😪bat naisipan mong magpakamatay...ang sarap mabuhay at maikli lang ang buhay...laban lang at dasal ang kelangan..isa lang yan sa mga pagsubok na darating sau..napaka bata mo pa...mawawalan pa kame ng isang best artist at composer aa panhon you zack..God bless..super duper mahal nmen ang musika mo"

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