Moira Dela Torre Ginulat Ang Lahat Sa Biglaang Pagpayat! Secret Revealed

Friday, March 10, 2023

/ by Jerome


Kapamilya singer na si Moira Dela Torre ginulat ang mga netizens sa kanyang ibinahaging pagbabago sa kanyang katawan.

Nagpost nga ng isang larawan ang singer na si Moira ng Before at after na larawan na one year and one month ang pagitan makikita nga sa nasabing larawan na napaka laki ng pagbabago ng kanyang katawan.

Dahil napaka laki ng ipinayat ng singer na ngayon ay 60lbs nalang.

Sabi niya sa kanyang captions, "1 year and a month apart — from 180lbs to 120lbs — 60lbs lighter and cleared of hashimoto's hypothyroidism, estrogen dominance, and no longer infertile after 2yrs of being declared to be."🤍 

"No exercise, no diet, no surgeries — i only have @thecoreclinic to thank for correcting my hormones (and i've never even met them in person."😭)

Dagdag pa ni Moira, "In 2020, i secretly became bulimic for 2 years during a season that left me struggling mentally and physically. but in december 2021, i met doc @drsheree online through ms @iamkarendavila (after an interview i did w her!!) and that's when she started working on my hormones and forever changed my life for the better."

"She had me take a hormone test, where she found out what really was messing up my system (stress, depression and misdiagnosed pcos for years)."

Nagpasalamat din siya sa kanyang doctor na tumulong sa kanya.

Sa ngayon ay nagwowork out na siya sa isang gym na ngayon niya lang ulit ginawa sa nakalipas na tatlong taon at ito ay labis niyang ikina tuwa.

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