Top 5 Biggest Controversial Issues of Barretto Sisters | Marjorie Barretto, Gretchen Barretto and Claudine Barretto

Sabado, Mayo 23, 2020

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Let's discuss the list of the most controversial issues involving the Barretto that really baffles their fans and followers.

Top 5: Marjorie Barretto Sensitive Photos Spread on Social Media

The spread of her sensitive photos on social media has become a major issue in Marjorie Barretto's political career. And because she is a Barretto, the spread of the photo is super fast.

At first Marjorie's camp strongly denied that she was the woman in the photo. And this is what she said in a recent interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal.

"No. That's not me. I would never do something like that. That's not my nature!"

But because the picture was clear, many netizens came forward and said she was lying. So in a formal interview with Boy Abunda, the actress admitted that she is the girl in the sensitive photos.

She had only been able to lie at first, because she had to protect herself and her family from the issue she was dealing with. Here is her whole statement:

"That was their plan to destroy me, to shame me or to harm me. I don't purposely not tell the truth dahil gusto kong magmalinis or gusto kong palabasin sa tao na napakabuti kong tao at wala akong bahid na kahit na anong kasalanan. Hindi ko inilabas ang totoo para maprotektahan ang ibang feelings ng ibang tao lalo na ng mga anak ko!".

At this time there was also news that Marjorie Barretto and former Caloocan Mayor Enrico Echiverri were in a relationship but Marjorie never admitted it.

Top 04. Gretchen Barretto fool around with other men while she and TonyBoy Cojuangco are still together

Gretchen Barretto is said to have been blessed with the most beautiful face among her siblings. And even as they age, Gretchen's beauty is still noticeable. This is why many men have been linked to her in the past even though she is said to be dating her businessman partner TonyBoy Cojuangco.

The most memorable name was John Estrada when they were caught kissing at a bar with their friends. This was a big issue as many thought that TonyBoy and Gretchen would separate.

 In 2008 Gretchen also allegedly had an affair with Rodolfo "Dodie" Puno, former chief executive director of the Department of Public Works and Highways. According to the news their relationship lasted 6 months. But so far no one has been able to prove that these allegations against Gretchen are true.

And in February 2008, Gretchen was also involved in a kissing scandal with Ricky Yabot in a resto-bar. Ricky Yabut is the brother-in-law of Tony Boy and brother of his ex-wife Denise Yabut.

In 2010, Gretchen was also linked with Derek, the former boyfriend of  Angelica Panganiban. Gretchen teasing Derek seems to indicate that she wants to steal Derek from Angelica. Although it was a joke, Angelica Panganiban took it seriously. And this led to the two quarreling in ABS-CBN.

Now, there are no rumored men that has been linked with Gretchen Barretto and on her social media account,  the relationship she have with TonyBoy Cojuangco is now extra sweet. This was her statement on the state of Tony Boy's current relationship.

"He understand me fully, he loves me fully and in his eyes, I can do no wrong. So who am I to complain? Life isn't perfect. Where we live right now, it's not heaven, you know. And I'm not the only one who lives an imperfect life."

Top 03. Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago Beating Issue

It all began when Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto decided to separate in 2013. As a result, the two had a custody dispute over their two children, Sabrina and Santino. 

Everyone was surprised when Claudine released pictures of bruises on her body. She filed an anti-violence case against women and children act of 2004 against Raymart. Claudine Barretto said in an interview that for several years she was a battered wife and was hiding it from her friends and family. 

But many people don't seem to be convinced by the actress. This is because when they confronted Mon Tulfo at NAIA Terminal 3, many netizens noticed that the actress wore shorts and had no bruises in her leg part. 

It also did not come out in the medic when she filed a case against  Raymart's violence. When Claudine filed a lawsuit against Raymart, her siblings, Gretchen Barretto, Jay Jay and Marjorie were also upset over the affidavit she filed in court. Gretchen and Marjorie were therefore forced to admit in court that Claudine was not in the right mind at that time.

She has a mental health problem and Claudine and their parents try to keep it private. 

The two have since split up and are in a much better state where their relationship is much better than before. Raymart Santiago already has visiting rights with the children and is able to support them. He is also in the lead cast of the long-running ABS-CBN teleserye, Ang Probinsyano.

Top 02. Claudine Barretto blocked Julia Barrettos career in showbiz

Claudine Barretto's alleged obstruction in her niece Julia Barretto's career was also a major issue. 

Star Magic first launched Julia in 2013 and her aunt Claudine didn't seem to like it. It was also noted in 2013 when Marjorie Barretto leaned on Raymart to give testimony against Claudine Barretto. 

According to Tito Boy Abunda's interview with Claudine in 2014, the actress shared her anger with Marjorie because she was the reason behind their fight with Gretchen Barretto. She also denied that she had any grudges against her nieces. 

She says she treats them as her own children and that she can't do what they claims about Julia Barretto. 

Here is her whole statement:

"Kay Marjorie ako pinakagalit. Kasi pinag away niya kami ni Gretchen eh! I said some painful things to Gretchen which I will forever regret. I always made life easy for Marjorie, but she killed me when, the day na tinggal niya yung karapatan ko to see my nieces na pinalaki ko."

"Nakalimutan niya ako! Yung ako talaga! I don't know her anymore! And you know, I grieved for her! Pinatay ko na sya sa buhay ko! I would never do anything to hurt my nieces! Wala akong ibang ginawa kundi mahalin ang mga anak nila kay Marjorie at Gretchen!"

Claudine Barretto reunited with her niece Dominique when she reconcile with Gretchen Barretto.

Top 01. Gretchen Barretto was disowned by her own mother and father!

Estrella Inday Barretto and Miguel Alvir Barretto are the parents of well-known Barretto Sisters in the showbiz industry. It became a huge news that Gretchen's parents had disowned her and the death threat she received from her own father. 

It all started when Gretchen, Marjorie and Jay Jay were called to court in 2013 due to the affidavit Claudine submitted against Raymart. 

Because of this, her siblings issued a statement and Gretchen claimed that her sister, Claudine, had allegedly used forbidden drugs. 

The issue is not over yet because Gretchen's parents blamed her for spreading the issue that Claudine blocked Julia's entry because she did not want her niece to enter Star Magic where Claudine Barretto was once a big star. This is the whole statement of her parents.

"You claim Claudine said she will block Julia's entry to Star Magic. Who did Claudine say it to...? You? Or did you just make this up to put Claudine in trouble? First of all, Claudine was ABS-CBN Teleserye Queen during her time. Just like you were ST Queen during yours."

"I have always loved you as one of my own and always will, but love of my family belongs to the heart and not in the garbage can."

" I am letting go of a child now who never wanted me in order to save one who has always been there for all, and with all of her love, Claudine."

Inday Barretto had totally disowned Gretchen but Gretchen's brother Jay Jay Barretto is against the idea and indicated that Gretchen had been the breadwinner of their family and she had endured being called Sex trip queen to make money and help with the expenses. The expenses include their house rent and hospital bills of her father.

Up to this day, the mother-daughter has remained estranged from each other. Marjorie is with her parent's side while Claudine is in the side of Gretchen Barretto.

What can you say about the five controversial issues of the Barretto sisters? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and please don't forget to like and subscribe to Pinoy Celebrity News for more updates! Ciao!

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