Sam Milby and Catriona Gray are now officially in a relationship, Goodbye Clint Bondad! | CATSAM

Linggo, Mayo 24, 2020

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Many netizens have been shocked and excited when the singer-actor Sam Milby posted a photo of him and Catriona Gray. 

In the photo you can see the actor hugging and kissing Miss Universe Catriona Gray's forehead. 

Even his fellow artists are overflowing with excitement brought by the big news of the actor. His post has the caption, "Worth every second of the wait. Most special birthday yet <3". 

It was noted that Sam was so happy and excited with the live video along with some Kapamilya stars, after his girlfriend Catriona Gray gave a very sweet birthday message. Many netizens actually noticed, the look on Sam's face as his girlfriend gave a message.

Sam is said to have been single for almost two years after he and his ex-girlfriend Mari Jasmine broke up. Catriona Gray, meanwhile, is single for more than a year. 

Many netizens stated that they hope Sam and Catriona's relationship would end in marriage since they are already matured enough. 

What do you think of CatSams relationship? Are you a fan too? Share your thoughts on the comments section below and please don't forget to hit like and subscribe for more updates!

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