Michelle Dee Pinabalik Ng Miss Universe Stage Para Sa Isang Special Interview

Huwebes, Nobyembre 16, 2023

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Matapos ang preliminary competition ng Miss Universe 2023, pinabalik muna si Michelle Dee pabalik sa stage para sa isang special interview.

Nakasama si Michelle Dee sa top 10 finalist ng Voice for Change, kung saan iaanunsyo sa final round ang tatlong Gold Winners.

Pagkatapos ng kamakailang preliminary competion, pinull out sa backstage si Michelle Dee para sa isang interview sa stage.

Hinala naman ng maraming Pinoy pageant fans na isa si Michelle sa mananalo ng Top Gold winner ng The Voicefor Change.

Ang criteria sa Voice for Change ay 50% by voting at 50% naman ang magmumula sa judges.

Si Michelle Daniela Marquez Dee ay isang Filipina actress, model, television presenter, talk show host, at beauty pageant titleholder na kinoronahang Miss Universe Philippines 2023. 

Siya ang kamakatawan sa Pilipinas sa Miss Universe 2023 competition sa El Salvador. Dati nang kinuronahan si Michelle Dee bilang Miss World Philippines 2019.

Noong 13 Mayo 2023, nanalo si Dee bilang Miss Universe Philippines 2023. Naiuwi rin niya ang mga special awards bilang Miss Aqua Boracay, Miss Pond's, Miss Zion Philippines, at ang best in evening gown award. Mayroong dalawang question-and-answer rounds noong finals. Sa unang round, tinanong si Michelle Dee: “Income inequality is still high in the Philippines. The gap between the rich and the poor remains. How do we close the gap?” 

Sagot naman niya, "I think first, we have to recognize what we have and the privileges that we have such as food, education, and homes. I think the best way to address this is through education because education holds no status quo. 

"Every Filipino child has the right to an education, but not just any education, but quality education. Because I believe if the government can provide this to every Filipino child, we can not only elevate their quality of life, but we can empower them as well."

Narito naman ang ikalawang tanong para kay Michelle Dee at ang kanyang isinagot: "The Department of Tourism has adopted a new branding campaign: 'We Give the World Our Best.' For you, what is the best that we could offer to the rest of the world? Why do you consider it so?"

"The Philippines is home to very beautiful natural resources, from the beaches to the mountains, but I firmly believe that the best natural resource that the Philippines has is us Filipinos. 

"We are the true heart and soul of the Philippines, with the way we are hospitable, with the warm smiles, and we are the reason the world keeps coming back for more. No matter where the universe takes me, I will always be proud to call the Philippines my home, and no matter what happens, I will always be proud to call myself Pinoy."

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