Nadine Lustre Boyfriend Na-Diagnosed Na May Cancer!

Miyerkules, Hunyo 7, 2023

/ by Jerome


Maraming na atig sa ibinahanging post ng nobyo ng actress na si Nadine Lustre na si Christophe Bariou.

Ito ay dahil sa paglaban niya sa kanyang naging sakit na Cancer.

Na ayon sa kanya ay tatlong taon narin daw umano ang nakalipas ng siya ay ma diagnose sa sakit na cancer.

Sobra daw ang kanyang kalungkotan at tila bumagsak ang buong mundo sa kanya ng sinabi ng dortor sa kanya na ilang linggo nalang ang itatagal ng kanyang buhay.

At Ito daw umano ang pinakamadilim na bahagi o yugto ng mga kabanata sa buhay ng nobyo ni Nadine.

Hindi mandaw ito ang unang beses na nalagay sa ganitong sitwasyon ang kanyang buhay, pero iba daw kasi ang kanyang kalaban na kinahaharap.

Dahil nasa loob daw kasi ito ng kanyang katawan, kaya naman natakot daw umano siya sa posibleng mangyari sa kanya ng mga panahong iyun.

Pagpapatuloy niya pa na akala daw niya na hindi na siya magkakaroon ng pamilya at mga anak.

At kung nawala man daw siya noon ay hindi na rin daw niya matatapos ang kanyang na umpisahan sa Shargao at hindi sila magkakakilala ng kanyang nobya ngayon na si Nadine Lustre.

Heto naman ang buong pagbabahagi niya sa kanyang caption, "This was something I never thought I’d share at all on social media. Maybe I never did because I preferred not to be seen as the victim or to use this illness to appeal for pity. And while I was successfully overcoming it, I saw many around me losing their lives trying to, so it didn’t feel right to talk about myself."

"But around 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and I was told I only had a few weeks left to live. I experienced the darkest sensation of fear, which is something I thought I had already known because it wasn’t the first time I was in a life threatening situation."

"But this was different. The enemy was invisible and deep inside my own body – a body that I never doubted before, at the age of 27."

"There is no shame in acknowledging I was scared but I was also angry and frustrated at life. I thought, I’ll never have kids, my own family, or finish what I started in Siargao. I will never get my first barrel surfing. Why is this happening to me? Why me? I felt so full of life and suddenly finding out I had a couple weeks left to live was devastating… to say the least."

"At that point, I was about to choose to stay put in Siargao, live the best I could out of my last days and not even bother trying to cure myself since I thought there was not much hope left."

"A couple days later, while trying my best to accept my fate between fear, anxiety, anger and frustration, I learned from other doctors that there was a chance to heal but I had to drop everything, leave immediately, and go back to France to a specialized hospital."

"They discovered I had a very rare type of lymphoma and even mentioned it was so rare they had no statistics of survival but that they were still hopeful and my 6 month treatment started."

"Not only was I lucky enough to benefit from the best treatments available from the leading cancer research center in Europe, but all of this was completely free of charge thanks to the rights the French fought for. It just makes me think how unfair it can be in other countries when something as bad as this hits."

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