Kris Aquino Punong-Puno Ng Pagmamahal Ang Pagbati Sa Bunsong Anak Na Si Bimby Sa kaarawan nito!

Lunes, Abril 24, 2023

/ by Jerome


Punong-puno ng pagmamahal ang pagbati ng queen of all media na si Kris Aquino, para sa kaarawan ng kanyang anak na si Bimby.

Mataandaang nitong nagdaang miyerkules April 19, 2023 ay nagdiwang ng kaarawan ang bunsong anak ni Kris Aquino na si Bimby.

Ramdam nga ng mga netizens ang punong-puno ng pagmamahal na pagbati ni Kris sa kanyang mensahe sa caption ng kanyang post para sa anak na si Bimby.

Kalakip ng kanyang mensahe ay ang larawan nilang dalawa ng anak na si Bimby,  na makikitang magkayakap sila. 

Ang dalawang larawan na ito ay kuha noong nakaraang taon 2022, at ngayon kaarawan nito 2023.

Pahayag ni Kris sa kanyang caption, "If they only knew, all that we’ve survived together… I waited a few days before posting my 16th birthday greeting for my 6’1 baby."

Pagpapatuloy niya, "Bimb, my 🍯, YOU are the reason i can’t give up, and i continue fighting what at times feels like a losing battle."

"BUT if there’s one thing i’m proud of, since the day you were born- 5 weeks early, weighing barely 4 pounds, i’ve kept my word, never breaking any promises i made to you."

"On that cruel night, in late September 2018, we had a preview of the 1st 2 autoimmune conditions i had, and we were so afraid of the possible 3rd- we were crying as we embraced."

"I’ll NEVER forget forcing myself to reassure the 11 year old you that like your Lola: i’ll endure anything and everything, to make sure you had me for as long as you needed me."

"I even vividly remember my prayer: God i ask for nothing more BUT the gift of resilience & FAITH for me to still be alive and cognizant on April 19, 2025, when Bimb officially becomes an adult…please prepare him well for the lifelong responsibilities he’ll have when it’s his turn to be his kuya’s guardian."

"Just 2 more years, every year after let’s treat as an unexpected gift from heaven."

Sobra-sobra daw ang pasasalamat ni Kris, dahil sa talagang nag step-up daw talaga si Bimby, at nakikita niya ang pagiging responsable sa pag-aalaga sa kanya.

Saad ng queen of all media, "God answered my prayers way beyond what we asked of Him, because NOW roles have been reversed- thank you Bimb for being so responsible & caring; for doing homeschooling from 7 AM to 1 PM so that you have the rest of the day to help our nurses care for me."

"Because you’re the one who can so easily lift, shift, move, and position me when my inflammation is awful & my entire body hurts."

Dagdag pa ni Kris, "Like what i’ve told you many times,in a perfect world, your Lola Cory deserved a bunso as unspoiled, no hint of brattiness, respectful, polite & affectionate to all, thoughtful & kind hearted, obedient, masipag mag homework, marunong mag budget sa pera, and inuuna ang iba bago ang sarili like YOU…" 

"Kuya and i lovelovelove you- people have said many times na maganda ang pagpapalaki ko sa inyo- thank you. But in all honesty, the 2 of you make me shine as a mom, with kuya & you- i feel just how REAL God’s love is, and how despite what our family is going through- we remain blessed much more than what we could have prayed for."

Sa ngayon ay naroon parin sa America si Kris, dahil sa nagpapagamot parin siya doon.

Samantala nakauwi na daw sa Pilipinas ang panganay na anak ni Kris na si Josh.

Marami namang mga netizens ang bumati sa kaarawan ni Bimby at humanga sa pagmamahal ni Kris Aquino para sa kanyang mga anak.

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