Alex Gonzaga, Ipinahayag Na Babangon Siyang Muli Bilang Wiser and Better Person!

Miyerkules, Enero 18, 2023

/ by Lovely

Humingi na ng paumanhin ang TV personality at vlogger na si Alex Gonzaga sa waiter na si Allan Crisostomo hinggil sa nangyari sa kaniyang birthday celebration noong Lunes. Bukod dito, ibinahagi rin ng aktres ang mga natutunan niya sa nangyari.

Sa isang Facebook post nitong Miyerkules, nagpakumbaba si Alex Gonzaga at humihingi ng paumanhin. Ipinahayag din niya magiging better at wiser person na rin siya mula ngayon.

"On my birthday, God taught me a hard and important lesson. Humility, kindness and better judgment.

I am truly sorry, Kuya Allan.

To my family, I am sorry for causing you pain and embarrassment. I will rise from this a wiser and better person," pahayag ni Alex Gonzaga sa kanyang official Facebook account.

Nauna na ritong inilabas ng employer ni Allan Crisostomo ang official statement kung saan isinulat ni Allan na nagkaayos na sila ni Alex Gonzaga at nagkaayos na sila.

Samantala, umani naman ng samu't-saring komento mula sa mga netizens ang Facebook post ni Alex Gonzaga.

"You can still be true to yourself but be careful lang with your words and actions especially if it involves not only other people but most especially with the elders like your parents. It may be okay with them or they can tolerate you but not everyone else. There's a thin line between humor and insensitivity. Happy Birthday Alex!"

"Mistakes will remain mistakes if you will not learn from it. Learn from it and it will become a lesson.

-a wisdom we learned from our dear Governor here in Cagayan, Dr. Manuel Mamba.

Hope you also learn from that mistake Ms. Alex. No matter what other people say, be grateful because you have a very supportive and loving family. Acknowledging your mistake and so sorry for it is enough. Go girl! We, your fans still support you!"

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