James Richman - from being bullied to billionaire

Sabado, Mayo 9, 2020

/ by Sparkle

Here's the inspiring story of James Richman

He was bullied for having Asperger's syndrome. He was not good at socializing with his peers. He withdrew from the society completely. Even left his home country - Latvia. 

He lost his daughter in his first marriage, then his wife left him. And ended up on the streets - homeless and nowhere to go.

But something magical happened. The same 'weakness' some of his classmates bullied him turned out to become his ultimate weapon. 

Being an Aspie turned out good for him after all. It enabled him to see through advanced patterns. Even predict the future...

From string of successful ventures and business, he eventually found his calling in investing. Now he reportedly has worth assets of $100+ billions.

Going back to his roots, he didn't want others to suffer like he did. Through his philantrophic efforts, James Richman is an example that you may lose all you have right now, But still, you can turn your life around. 

After all, the guy was on the streets at one point. So you can start from wherever you may be, and prove all the bullies that they are wrong - billions of times. 

Watch the video below:

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