Marjorie Barreto Isinugod Sa Hospital, Gerald Anderson Binantayan Si Marjorie

Huwebes, Agosto 31, 2023

/ by Lovely

 Bago magtapos ang buwan ng Agosto, isang malungkot na balita ang ibinahagi ni Marjorie Barretto, ang pagkaka confine sa kanya sa hospital.

Ibinahagi ni Marjorie na hindi umano niya lubos akalain na mako-confine siya sa hospital at manatili roon ng ilang araw na natatakot.

"Just as I thought August was about to end quietly, I had to spend the last week of the month in fear and found myself asking myself so many why’s…"

Ipinunto rin ni Marjorie Barretto na talagang Health is Wealth kaya dapat umanong pangalagaan ang kalusugan ng tao.

"Health is truly wealth. Nothing else matters more than that. Feeling bad I terrified my kids for awhile."

"Mom’s really don’t have the right to get sick. Single Mom’s have to stay in their best form ALWAYS. But I’m good now, much better, not 100 percent yet but definitely a wake up call for all of us in the family. 

"Maybe a healthier lifestyle, lots of stress I need to dump ( that’s what my Doctor advised) I need to surrender to God’s will and lots of prayers that this doesn’t happen to me again.Just thought of sharing coz you know how there are so many parts of our lives we don’t get to share on Instagram."

Aminado rin si Marjorie na talagang nahihirapan siya sa hospital, buti na lamang umano naroon ang kanyang mga anak at mga son in law na may malaking tulong umano sa kanya.

"Its not fun all the time, we have our bad days, and in those kind of days I am reminded that I am blessed to have 5 strong and wonderful children and a great son in law Xavi and even Gerald who all rushed to hospital late at night coz Julia was so far away and she needed to be assured I was okay till she got back. Praying for a better September."

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